Technician Bursaries

The learners selected for the ArcelorMittal engineering programmes are chosen from school level. Interviews take place during the April school holiday annually. Bursaries are awarded to full-time university students.

Learners selected must have successfully undergone all of the selection processes and have passed grade 12 with results that meet or are higher than the university requirements.

These learners will attend a traditional university of their choice providing that the University is approved by ArcelorMittal South Africa for the discipline of study.

ArcelorMittal South Africa offers engineering bursaries in the following engineering disciplines:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology.

Upon completion of studies ArcelorMittal South Africa has an exciting career opportunity for graduates to aquire work experience and apply theorical knowledge in any of our world class manufacturing industry through our candidate engineer programme. Frequently asked questions:        

What does the bursary cover?

  • Tuition fees (differs per university).
  • Accommodation including meals.
  • A cash amount for books.
  • A scientific calculator.
  • A personal computer.

Who qualifies?
Candidates currently in Grade 12 who have obtained at least 70% (Depending on the university requirements) in Grade 11 for both Mathematics and Physical Science. An aggregate of at least 60% is also required for the rest of Grade 12 with the minimum symbols as above.

Will I have support?
There are mentors allocated  to all successful bursars.

The Engineers and Technician Association (ETA) is a forum of young professionals who were previously ArcelorMittal bursars and have obtained their formal qualification. Members of this group of engineers and technicians from different engineering disciplines are available to assist bursars. 

The Young Professionals Forum forum  creates a vehicle  for technical and business related information  sharing, to promote the different technical disciplines and to offer general assistance with regard to work related problems.

The coaches are subject matter experts who assist Candidate Engineers to fit in at the plants to which they are allocated to work with the teams.
The coaches provides day to day support and has regular (weekly) follow-up and feedback sessions regarding work performance and to ensure a high level of work performance.

How will my progress be monitored?
ArcelorMittal  South Africa is not only concerned about results but also about the well-being and  personal development of the bursars . Regular university visits are  conducted  twice a year to:

  • Check on the general well-being of the bursar.
  • Evaluate progress of each bursar per semester.
  • Decide whether a bursary for the following semester/year should be re-instated, cancelled or suspended
  • Receive results from university per semester.
  • Discuss academic progression.
  • Bursars who are in their second and third academic years will be required to do six weeks practical training (vacation work) at the end of the year as prescribed by the universities.