Fencing profiles

ArcelorMittal Works manufactures a variety of fencing profiles. Read more


A forged product can be defined as a product shaped by heating it in a furnace and hammering/beating it into shape. Read more

Heavy structural sections

These are products that are typically used in the construction industry. Products in this range vary from Universal beams, Universal columns, Parallel flange channels, Universal Joists, Rails & Equal angles. Read more

Hexagon bar

A hexagon bar is a bar with six straight sides and angles. It is used in the mining, specialized bolt and nut, machinery, chemical, shipping and architectural industry. Read more

Hollow bar

A hollow bar is either a hexagon or a round bar with a hole in the center of the bar. It is used primarily in the mining industry as a hollow drill bit. Read more

Mining bar

A mining bar is a round bar with deformations designed to enhance the adhesion properties of the bar when resins and epoxies are applied to it in underground mining applications. Read more


Rails for use in mines are supplied to ArcelorMittal South Africa's own specification as mines and sidings rails in 15, 22, 30 & 40 kg/m. Rails for Mainline applications are supplied to ArcelorMittal South Africa's own specification in 48 & 57 kg/m, grade R260.  Read more

Reinforcing bar/Y Bar - Nostra®

The reinforcing bar is produced for the reinforcement of concrete. Two types are produced: the mild steel plain bar and the deformed high strength bar. Read more

Rounds & Squares

Round bars can be defined as material with diameters ranging from a nominal 5.5 mm up to 105 mm, for applications such as general engineering and rods for grinding mills. Read more

Special profiles

Special profiles are defined as products that are specifically developed for specialised applications. Read more

Structural sections

These are products that are typically used in the construction of light to heavy steel structures. Read more

Window sections

ArcelorMittal South Africa produces a range of hot rolled profiles for the secondary window and doorframe industry. All these profiles are supplied in the as-rolled condition. Read more

Wire Rod

Wire rod is defined as material in coils with nominal diameters ranging from 5.5 mm up to 14.5 mm at 0.5 mm intervals. Read more

Billets & Blooms

Billets and blooms can be defined as semi rolled products, used by rolling mills for the manufacturing of steel products like, rounds, wire, rebar or structural sections. Billet product range 100x100 to 131x131mm and Blooms 140x140 to 210x210mm. Read more