ArcelorMittal Science Club is based at the Science Centre intended to provide opportunities for learners to explore science. Our Science Club fuels the wonder and the joy of learning Science in interactive, fun, informative and challenging ways. The club serves as a support base for learners participating in science expos, science Olympiad and science fairs. 


The Aim of the Science Club is to provide opportunity for learners to explore aspects of science that are not always possible within the constraints of a normal school timetable.


  • To assist matriculants with their early applications to tertiary institutions.
  • To get students involved in science club activities.
  • To challenge gifted learners as well as spark the interest of struggling learners.
  • To enhance the positive experiences that learners have with science by allowing them to explore their own ideas and interests.
  • To build the confidence of members as they develop problem solving skills.


Matriculants attending our centre and Grade 11, Residensia High School Matriculants

Operation days

Mondays to Fridays (14:00 – 15:30)

Science club name

“Master Minds”

Science club activities

  • Problem solving challenges: This activity is arranged around a set of maths or science problems.
  • Video shows/slide shows: shows are organised based on selected topics, e.g. showing Engineering fields video shows.
  • Competitions: Computer Olympiad, Eskom Expos, Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad are held to create an interactive and competitive spirit among members.
  • Debates: Debates among members are organised based on scientific topics, such as environmental issues, nuclear waste, energy (Enviro days).